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Torn (Torn, #1)

Torn (Torn, #1) - K.A. Robinson I loved reading this book! But it was so frustrating!

I'm weak, I know, but I can't help it if I always fall for the dark tattooed rocker. Drake is really a great character and I really hope we will see more of his past issues in the next installment.
Logan is really sweet and the perfect guy even if I wasn't rooting for him at all and at times I even wanted to punch him but I would love to read his own story in the future.

So you see, there is a love triangle and it was frustrating but also interesting. I was a little annoyed by Chloe's choices sometimes but that's probably why I devoured this novel so fast. I really cared about the characters and was hooked by their story.

I can't wait to read more about Chloe's mother. I hoped to see more of her in this first book but the end is enough to let me imagine how crazy it's going to be. I love drama!

I'm also praying for a companion novel with Adam and Amber's story. I think it could be just amazing! After all, a story with another badass rocker is always good. ;)

It was a good read and I'm really curious to read the next installment.