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Forever My Girl (The Beaumont Series) (Volume 1)

Forever My Girl - Heidi  McLaughlin I love this novel!

When I first saw the cover and read the blurb on Facebook I knew this book would be for me. And I'm not disappointed at all!

It's a fast read with great characters you'll enjoy to meet and follow in their journey. It's not overly romantic and yet is and there's a hot tattooed rocker. I can't help it, rockers in books do it for me. ;)

But seriously, the author wrote a wonderful novel where the characters don't fall into each other's arms right away and I like that. She doesn't take the easy road for them and that's why I read it so fast when I should have done other things instead of reading! Her story drew me in right away.

Do you want to start 2013 with a really great book? Then read this one. :)