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The Valentine's Arrangement (Hero for the Holidays, #1)

The Valentine's Arrangement (Hero for the Holidays, #1) - Kelsie Leverich I think I'm in love with this novel. It sums it all up pretty well. ;)

The characters are funny, thrilling, moving and make you want always more to the story. I'm sad to leave them now that I'm finished with this book. It was that great of a read.

And the story is well built, fast paced and written amazingly well to hook you from the very first chapter. It sounds believable and I couldn't put my iPad down. Without a doubt, the author knows what she talks about to be in a relationship with a soldier. Amazing!

I can't wait to read more of this author.

If you're looking for something in this genre, don't waste another second and buy it now. You'll fall for Ronnie and Kale relationship and laugh at their dialogues and swoon too!