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Genel Psikoloji

Genel Psikoloji - Feriha Balkış Baymur I received an ARC from Jo Raven. I'm lucky like that. ;)

What can I tell you...

Add it to your TBR asap. I really love this series and each book is getting better. At least, that's how I feel.

Zane made me feel strongly. I ached for him, feared for him and all the while I was completely caught in his story, not just reading, but living the building romance between him and Dakota.
And if you want to read some hot scenes, you must know that Jo knows what she's doing! With the hot tattooed artist Zane, pierced and very much broken, it reaches new heights.

What I enjoyed the most is even though this story is dark, there's also that hope not that out of reach thanks to a tight knit group of friends and a newfound love. Perfect mix!

So you get it, I'm very much in love with this new installment and I'm dying to read the next one.