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One Week Girlfriend (Drew + Fable) (Volume 1)

One Week Girlfriend - Monica  Murphy Someone recommended this book on Facebook and I immediately bought it. I didn't have any time to read it earlier but I can tell you one thing. I had to finish it before going to sleep and it ended with me awake at two in the morning! But it was really worth it. :)

Not only I love the characters and their voice but the plot itself was well-built. I liked these little mysteries even if I suspected soon what happened to Drew. But that's the thing, the author played this card perfectly. You suspect what happened but you dread to read the truth and yet you're eager to see it coming. I was on the edge sometimes and at other times I was just enjoying the ride of this intense week. Because it was intense.

I recommend this novel. If you're looking for a book in this genre, don't wait and buy this one. And then you'll have to wait the sequel as eagerly as I am.

Really great book. :)